The Oh so Grand Canyon

“I’ll tell ya what, after Sedona, I hope the Grand Canyon lives up to all its hype!” Jamie’s famous last words while driving through the entrance towards the Grand Canyon.

It most definitely lived up to the hype.


We only had one night at the canyon and made the most of it. Reina can’t go on the trails into the Canyon so we woke up super early to hit the trails before Reina was even ready for her breaky. Hiking down into the Canyon was insane. It was easy to get distracted and forget that you have to turn around to hike back out. The Kaibab trail was 2 miles down to turn around and the trail head was about 3 miles from our campsite, so we ended up hiking about 7 miles total all before 9am. Now thats a way to start the day! 🙂